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Doves Migration pitch




Writer:  Linda Daly


Genre:   Historical/ Romance Drama


Logline: The “Dove Collect” series continues with a spellbinding tale of post-Civil War and the tribulations of the rich cast of characters from, “Rebel Dove” with unthinkable passion, greed, deception, and indiscretions that engulf their lives as they struggle to rebuild, following the casualties of war. 


Pitch:   One might think the nation had seen enough bloodshed, but unfortunately, the death of an innocent man and the attempts to cover it up, spiral out of control resulting in the lives of nearly everyone in the Honeycut, Carmidy, Myles, and Sterling families changed forever.


Target Audience: Female twenties-late 60’s

Project status: Novel and Treatment available. The series script is being written.

© copyright 2007-2022 by Linda Daly

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