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The Gift - A Journey of Acceptance

A note from Linda regarding "The Gift"

   I'm a firm believer that all of us are on a journey. As we experience life, we have the option to choose the path to travel. Precisely why I'm sharing a few personal accounts of my life, in hopes that others will view their own lives as a  wondrous journey that has lead them on the road they now find 
themselves on.
   In "The Gift: A Journey of Acceptance", my journey began during the fifties when as a toddler, I swallowed a lethal dose of poisonous crystals. If you asked members of my family they would explain how my life was spared through the power of prayer.
   Then in the sixties, help from the other-side touched the lives of a mother and daughter, while reaffirming that love has no boundaries.  
   Through the seventies and eighties events proved yet again, that if we are tuned in to our inner voice and we react accordingly, our lives can be enriched forever.
   The nineties is when I began putting those beliefs to the test. Without warning, I found myself driven to assist a woman I read about over the Internet. Through this chance encounter, my life took on a new direction when I was compelled to leave an established career to become a storyteller. Eventually, this too evolved into assisting other storytellers and I became a publisher.

5 Stars - Best short read EVER, May 14, 2015

By Cindy Sykes

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This review is from: The Gift: A Journey of Acceptance (Paperback)

Couldn't put it down, best short read EVER!

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