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Paper Hanger


“ Fidelity, Bravery, Integrity,” describes the motivating force behind the men and women of the FBI.  A convicted counterfeiter, Rick Kingsly has his own methods to succeed, "To kill the dog, cut off his tail". And that is precisely what he intends to do following his release from federal prison for the betrayal of his former partner, a decorated FBI agent.

For ten long agonizing years, Rick Kingsly plots revenge on his former, silent partners that he had taken the fall for, after being double-crossed and left for dead. The day arrives when at last he can have satisfaction in witnessing those who betrayed him, get exactly what he feels they deserve. Believing in the old additive, often used by those in the underworld, “To kill the dog, cut off his tail”.


This fast-moving, rich cast of characters soon discovers that all trails lead to corruption and deceit,  possibly with the aid of a State Senator that culminates in an explosive finale.

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