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Paper Hanger, Daly cover.jpg

Paper Hanger


A convicted counterfeiter, Rick Kingsly believes, "To kill the dog, cut off his tail". And that is precisely what he intends to do following his release from federal prison for the betrayal of his former partner, a decorated FBI agent.
An unsuspecting, Candice Gibson, meets Kingsly, (going by an alias of Vitalli) at a restaurant in a local Mall to purchase a special gift for her husband. 
Within hours following the release of Kingsly from Cumberland Penitentiary, a savage rash of murders takes place, including the parents of Sharon Walker (from Sea of Lies) a seasoned agent for the Department of Homeland Security who was blindsided discovering they were killed execution style.  Her world is further rocked when their secret lives are uncovered as plate forgers for a counterfeit ring.
Deeper investigations reveal that those who murdered her folks intend to keep their secret life a mystery, and will stop at nothing to assure it. Chad Lewis, (from Sea of Lies) retired from the department and is called in to assist in the investigation to uncover the truth.
This fast-moving, rich cast of characters soon discovers that all trails lead to corruption and deceit,  possibly with the aid of a State Senator that culminates in an explosive finale.
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