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Rebel Dove


Discover how Elise, a 'Southern Spy' struggles between love and her beliefs in the traditions of the "Old South." Tragedies of war unfold in the community of Fairfax, Virginia, only 26 miles from the Union capital of Washington. Follow along as this divided small town comes to terms with the enemy occupation.

Right from the onset of the war, the first major battle fought only miles from their homes in Manassas Junction, every day new threats from Bushwhackers, Northern Sympathizers, and raids from both sides besiege this small community.

As Elise struggles to endure the hardships, suppression, and anger of this explosive time, she soon discovers there is no glory in war. A path of death and destruction lies before her as the Civil War rages on, changing her life and those she loves forever.


Uncover the shocking past indiscretions that place the lives of this rich cast of characters in harm's way.

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