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Developed Scripts


As an author, screenwriter, and publisher, Linda believes no matter the genre or the field of entertainment, the story should be as true to the documented facts of the period depicted as possible. With that mission in mind, she has taken great measures to assure that while weaving her tales.

What matters to Linda, is that she will be able to capture the reader's imagination, while taking their mind on a holiday -- a holiday where the reader will be swept away from the hustle and bustle of their day-to-day routine, identifying with the character's trials and tribulations and come to think of them as their friends; some they will cheer on and sympathize with, and some they will love to hate. Either way, they will be missed when coming to the final chapter or the credits roll.



  • Fatal Error: If you think online relationships are safe and anonymous, assumptions can be deadly when you connect with a psychiatric nurse on the internet who hacks into your home via your webcam.


  • Shroud of Evil: A unique, one-of-a-kind ring, purchased for the wife of a Third Reich, Vice Chancellor, is discovered in the hem of a curtain belonging to an invalid elderly woman in Phoenix, AZ on  June 6, 1973.




  • Poppy:  Under the reign of Tsar Nicholas I, a Cossack Officer, George Galloska, after defying his superior, flees his beloved homeland, Russia, through Afghanistan’s fields of opium, and finds safe passage with smugglers out of Greece to Canada.


  • LegacyThis unique series begins in Northern Virginia in the 1860s, pre–Civil War. Just as our nation grew so does this series, stretching from coast to coast

       of this newly formed nation, along with England and France. Adapted from the published novels, Virtuous Dove and Rebel Dove. Legacy has all the energy,               passion, and brashness of America in her tumultuous youth, while also capturing a sedate traditional look on life as it was in Victoria England. Our two heroines,

      Felicity- A sweet, demure, and virtuous daughter of the South, is friends with Elise- Who is passionate, rebellious, and a manipulative spoiled Southern Belle.            One will lose everything to fight for what is right. The other will risk everything to preserve all that is wrong. Completed as Weekly Series


  • The Scorned Mistress:  Based on a true story, this tale of forbidden and scandalous love takes us from the sleepy town of Plymouth, Michigan, post-Civil War to the roots of the entertainment industry in Hollywood, CA.


  • ELOYFollowing WWII, Eloy, a hot dusty "Cotton Boom Town” in South Central Arizona lives up to its Spanish translation, "My God, My God, why hast thou forsaken me?" Based on the book, ELOY, written by Don Queen, the son of a deputy of Eloy during the Cotton Boom where deputies were killed, crippled or scared off the job except for one, A.V. Queen.




  • Coyotes Prey: Cuba, only one-hundred-fifty km from Key West Florida is another world. On their shoreline ‘hope’ is what coyotes prey on.


  • MAYA Q: An American venture capitalist from Louisville is tragically killed while on a treasure hunt, leaving his beautiful Mexican wife on their small but thriving Agave ranch. For several years, she worked tirelessly to eke out the production of a mid-quality Tequila with only slim margins of profit to show for her efforts. Everything changed when her husband’s ex-partner, contacted her explaining how life could be made a great deal easier by manufacturing the pulque in Arkansas along with other creative products to sell including humans. 


  • Paper Hanger:  Saucy, intelligent, and beautiful, Sharon Walker, a seasoned agent for the Department of Homeland Security, accepts the challenges and dangers surrounding her work, until it reaches her own private world.  Sequel to “Sea of Lies.”


  • Sea of Lies:  While in the clutches of terrorist threats, newlyweds learn trusting each other means the difference between life and death. Completed as Feature


  • Veiled Threat:  An inquisitive author with a passion for exposing secrets rediscovers adventure and chivalry with a Russian computer hacker as she takes back her power while under government surveillance.




  • Revealed:  Television series that explores the obscured details and alternative theories of the past that most of us never learned in school. 

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