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Doves Migration

Doves Migration joins the characters from Virtuous Dove, and Rebel Dove in the third book of the 'Doves Collect' series while introducing us to new characters. Adding up to an exciting story that will leave you spellbound. Discover Post Civil War and how Felicity, Elise, and Miranda, along with a ravaged nation trying to rebuild a new life after the casualties of war.  One might think that the nation would have seen enough bloodshed. Unfortunately, the death of an innocent man and the attempts to cover it up, spiral out of control, and the lives of nearly everyone in the Honeycut, Carmidy, Myles, and Sterling lives are changed forever.


After a storybook ending to their turbulent romance, Joshua and Elise embark on their honeymoon, leaving Miranda to wonder if she will ever find love, or worse if she is even capable of loving another. After coming to terms with the demons of her past, she finds herself in the middle of a sinister plot. Miranda must choose between the love of a man or a life of wealth and privilege.


Aiding Miranda in her quest, Felicity Myles regrettably becomes a victim herself from the lies and hatred of the past; which she had no control over. A twisted scheme of revenge leaves Felicity devastated; finding it too painful to bear when her nightmare continues, discovering she carries with her the ultimate betrayal any wife can commit against her husband.  Can she learn to live with the past so that she and Benjamin can find happiness in their future?


Doves Migration, engulfs the lives of this rich cast of characters, as events unfold with unthinkable passion, greed, deception, and indiscretions that are certain to affect the next generation.

4 Stars

Reviewed by Lettetia Elsasser


Picking up where Rebel Dove left off, Elise Hamilton and Joshua Carmidy, and Michael and Sarah Honeycutt all embark on a trip back North to the homes of Michael and Joshua.  Anxious to begin their new lives together, the foursome stopover in Washington D.C. where they meet the distinguished President Lincoln as well as their friends, Miranda and Lucas Brown, and a few new acquaintances as well.  Those same friends may be embroiled in acts of treason and deceit.  When Miranda’s life is threatened she must call on the help of her close friends to escape the evil surrounding her. 


A quick paced action adventure of Post Civil War history, Dove’s Migration has a cast of flesh-and-blood characters full of human flaws.  Their trials and tribulations place the reader right in the thick of things as they become emotionally attached to each and every one.  They felt remarkably like good friends.  I was briskly turning pages to reach the dramatic conclusion yet not wanting the story to end.  Well crafted with a vividly depicted sense of time and place allows the reader to become a part of the story.  Linda Daly has penned an exciting romantic adventure that stands alone.  Her storytelling talents shine through on every page.



4 Stars

After the end of the War Between the States, the Honeycutt and the Carmidy families traveled to New York. The battles of the war may be over but the battles of the heart have just begun. Conflicts, deception, lust, and desires surge their way through the families and friends.

Multiple ongoing plots of treachery burble their way through the tale. The chronicles of the lives of the group of acquaintances who had survived through the bitter war were now dealing with the survival of another kind. False friendships reign among the characters, each dealing with shallow, backstabbing, self-absorbed, and vengeful deeds among each other.


The author has created several characters that the reader will absolutely love to hate. Ms. Daly leads you into a world laden with friction and tension, a unique and compelling tale that takes the reader on a most unusual ride.


Pamela Ackerson


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