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Tainted Virtues pitch




Writer:  Linda Daly


Genre:   Historical / Romance Drama


Logline: Tainted Virtues comes to life with all the energy, passion, and brashness of America in her tumultuous youth, set in Northern Virginia in the 1860s this epic tale weaves the life and times of a spirited, Southern Spy who believes she is just in aiding the "Southern cause", despite her attraction to a Union major that suspects her of espionage.


Pitch:  Our nation was formed with the noblest of intentions, which stated, “All people are created equal.” However, even today, many feel the sting of inequality and intolerance that denies them that basic right described in the Declaration of Independence.  “Rebel Dove” depicts Elise Hamilton, young enough to be foolishly daring who never hesitates to use her feminine wiles and Southern charms to gather information to pass on to her comrade, Thomas Hastings, of the Confederate Army, despite her attraction to Joshua Carmidy, a Union major that suspects her of espionage.


Target Audience: Females,  twenties through fifties.

Project Status: Published novel and series script available. WGA Registered #1158462

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