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Revealed pitch

REVEALED – Weekly one-hour series


Writer: Linda Daly


Genre: General History


Logline: What we didn’t learn in school. A tantalizing weekly, one-hour series that explores the obscured details and alternative theories of the past. 


PILOT: North American Mounds – Could the lost tribes of Israel, Egypt, or even the survivors of Atlantis, be in our back yard?  Visit the virtually unknown Cahokia Mounds on the 2200-acre historic site in Illinois to find out its fascinating history. Discover how this and other sacred mounds—some reported to be larger than the Egyptian pyramids—may have been looted and desecrated in Missouri, Oklahoma, and Arkansas. What ancient civilization could have created such magnificent structures?


Targeted Audience: mainstream

Project Status: Rough Outline for remaining 12 episodes available upon request.

© copyright 2010-2022 by Linda Daly.

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