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The Scorned Mistress pitch




Writer: Linda Daly


Genre:  Historical Romance


Logline: Based on a true story, this tale of forbidden and scandalous love takes us from the sleepy town of Plymouth, Michigan, post-Civil War to the buildings of the entertainment industry in Hollywood, CA.


Pitch:  B.B. Gun, tycoon, Captain. William F. Markham shamelessly flaunts his red-haired mistress, Lucy in front of his wife, Colleen, and townsfolk when he builds a whitewashed, two-story Georgian mansion that overlooks Kellogg Park in the heart of downtown, Plymouth, MI, kitty-corner of his and his wife’s marital home.  Following an epidemic that swept through most of the mid-west, leaving Capt. Markham free to marry his mistress, the couple honeymoons in Europe where they become acquainted with a well-known Broadway actor and producer, Cecil B. DeMille,  who is in search of financial backing for a new enterprise, the talkies. After purchasing a 200-hundred-acre farmhouse of the DeMille’s, on what is currently known as Hollywood Blvd. and Vine, the once-shunned couple finds themselves befriended by the founders of Hollywood.


Target Audience: Mainstream

Project Status: Outline and treatment available upon request.

© copyright 2007-2023 by Linda Daly.

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