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Veiled Threat pitch




Writer:  Linda Daly, Catherine Zayak


Genre:   Suspense / Drama


Logline: An inquisitive author with a passion for exposing secrets in her books, rediscovers adventure and chivalry with a Russian computer hacker as she takes back her power while under government surveillance.


Pitch:  Susanna “Susie Q” Mitchell, is an author, publisher, mother, and grandmother who is perfectly comfortable balancing both career and family. That is until she uncovers government secrets that could include an International Business that has a “gun” to the government's head with the threat of another Anthrax spread and a secretive concentration camp in her home state of Michigan. From that moment on, her life seems to spiral out of control until she discovers her inner power to survive and that the power of love and family is the ultimate truth.


Targeted Audience – Mainstream

Project Status - Rough Outline available upon request.

© Copyright 2010/2022 by Linda Daly and Catherine Zayak


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