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Linda Daly is Living her Dream.

Linda believes that dreams can come true. "I've been blessed with seven wonderful children,  amazing grandchildren, a rewarding career in writing, and helping others see their work in print." 


Daly did what many dare to imagine, but few have the guts actually to do. She stepped back, took a long look at her life, and then inhaled deeply as she plunged headfirst into a writing career.


A venture in which she had no practical training in-- no creative writing classes, no seminars or workshops under her belt on how to be a writer, no insider connections to the book publishing world to give her an edge.  All she had was a dream. And so began Daly’s writing career.  Working day in and day out, eventually the story that had to be told, came to life on paper.


“It’s funny how your dreams evolve…When I began writing, I had an idea for a little story…” the blonde, green-eyed native Michigander pauses to hold up her thumb and index finger a fraction of an inch apart.“And now,  my little story has progressed into a book series, spanning over a century and writing screenplays, and marketing them too!”


She pauses to smile. “And who says dreams don’t come true?" Her eyes sparkle summarizing her writing career to date.“I haven’t a clue what the universe has in store for me tomorrow, but I can tell you this much for certain; whatever it is, I’m truly a blessed woman to be able to live my dream!”