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Fatal Error pitch



Writer:  Linda Daly


Genre:   Suspense/Drama


Logline: Think online relationships are safe and anonymous? Assumptions can be deadly, especially, when you connect with a psychiatric nurse on the internet who has a special talent for hacking into your home, via your webcam. 


SYNOPSIS:    Dakota Harris is a hard-working cattleman, who has aspirations of being a writer.  Experiencing writer's block, he turns to an Internet chat room to search the companionship he cannot find in rural Texas. When he connects with a woman with the chat nickname of “nightmuse”, Eric thinks he may have found someone to fuel his imagination and engage his emotions. Unfortunately, in this chat room, other eyes are watching too, and what he does not know is going to get someone killed!


Target Audience: Twenties to late forties


Project Status: Outline and treatment available upon request.

© copyright 2010 - 2022 by Linda Daly.





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