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Coyotes Prey pitch


Writer: Linda Daly


Logline: Cuba --Only 150 km from Key West Florida is another world. On their shoreline ‘hope’ is what coyotes prey on.


Pitch: The sun sets as an over-crowded, rusted boat capsizes in the shark-infested waters in the Florida Straits, between Key West, Florida, and Cuba. At daybreak, a Coast Guard cutter races toward the deafening carnage of corpses tied to the hull's sides by rags and ripped clothing.


Less than 50 km away, as their corpses are dragged from the waters, more of their fellow countrymen are falling victim to Coyotes who prey on the hopes of those who want freedom at any cost from this so-called paradise Caribbean Island. 


Synopsis: Gazing at the coastal landscape of Old Havana with its rich architectural structures dating back to the sixteenth century it’s hard to imagine that since the revolution of 1959, many of its citizens would risk everything they hold of value, including their lives to escape this coastal paradise. Precisely why the local coyote, Juan Martinez is feared and sought after by the rich and poor alike to have a chance at freedom in America.


From the story's onset, it’s evident by the interactions with one another that there is an undercurrent amongst all of the characters – a visible shroud of mystery with deadly consequences seems to be lurking close by. Thomas Hernandez meets a woman by chance, Gabriella Sanchez, whom he witnesses speaking to the local coyote, Juan Martinez, a man he despises. Despite his better judgment and against his father’s wishes, Thomas allows himself to become involved with Gabriella not realizing that this union will send a shock wave through his family and the family business resulting in deadly consequences.


Targeted Audience: Male/Female 18-49


Project Status: © copyright 2007-2022 by Linda Daly.  Outline available.

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