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Sea of Lies Pitch

SEA OF LIES – Feature


Writer:  Linda Daly


Genre:   Suspense/Romance


Logline: While in the clutches of terrorist threats, newlyweds learn trusting each other means the difference between life and death. From Detroit to the rugged Highlands of Scotland, there awaits a deadly sea of lies.


Pitch:    Posing as Grant Hart, Agent, Chad Lewis (known in the industry as a Virginia Farm-boy) is assigned to investigate the affairs of the wealthy British businessman, Charles Carpenter, who owns a significant interest in several Detroit-based automobile companies, plus offshore drilling rights in the North Atlantic. Unexpectedly, Chad is drawn into a love relationship with Carpenter's niece, Jordan – they marry, making his efforts to thwart an al-Qa'ida-backed group of terrorists as they hijack freighters and cargoes of oil to support their cause even more important to him now that it has become personal.


Unwittingly, Jordan Carpenter, an attorney who represents her uncle's oil interests, becomes the focal point of a murder attempt bent on silencing her for what she's learned. After a series of poorly executed events resulting in the death of two innocent women mistaken to be Jordan, and fearing her husband is trying to kill her, Jordan retreats to Europe where she seeks seclusion and protection at her uncle's estate.


Targeted Audience: Mainstream

Project Status:  Novel and feature script available. WGA Registration # 1032848


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