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Maya Q pitch


Maya Q - Weekly series


Writers: Linda Daly and Phill Matthews


Logline: A beautiful widow finds that her only way to survive in the Tequila industry is to join forces with those who have creative means to sell their products, including smuggling PULQUE and Human trafficking.


Pitch: An American venture capitalist, from Louisville, is tragically killed while on a treasure hunt.

Leaving his beautiful Mexican wife to manage their small, but thriving Agave ranch. For several years, she worked tirelessly to eke out the production of a mid-quality Tequila with only slim margins of profit to show for her efforts.  Everything changed dramatically when her husband’s ex-partner contacted her explaining how life could be made a great deal easier by manufacturing the pulque in Arkansas along with other creative products to sell, including humans. 


Note: Maya Q is the name of Tequila when branded in the U.S. The name incorporates 2 Gods involved in the legend of Tequila making.  Represents Mayahuel - Goddess of Fertility and Quetzalcoatl –God of Redemption.On the bottles logo within the Q is a scene of a God carrying a Goddess up into the sky where 1 star is for Maya and two stars are for Quetzalcoatl.


(Star tattoos found on the left hand signify the origins of trafficking from her ranch, Maya Q.  Whereas if star tattoos are located on the right, this represents others such as the cartel, the Mexican government, the Russian mob.


Pilot Synopsis:

Season 1:  Main Theme- Law enforcement trying to discover what 1-star / 2-star tattoos are at the base on the inner skin of the pinky finger and 2 stars on the inner surface of the ring finger.


Pilot Opening Scene:  3 vignettes across large geographic areas initiates the Star Tattoo theme.


SUPER #1  Windsor, Ontario, Canada: seedy motel trash bin holds two corpses.  The corpses are that of a middle-aged man and his wife.  The Mounties elect to withhold the Canadian i.d. of both whom they discovered own eight video game/computer stores around Vancouver.   While the 2nd Monty picks up the limp hand of one of the victims, he notices the inner web of the fingers where the 1-star and 2-star are tattooed on the left hand.


SUPER #2-  Deep swamp bayou in Louisiana:  After a hurricane rescue team discovers a boat that has been demolished, one local officer examines what appears to be human, male remains. With no identifiers as to who owns the boat, the Sheriff picks up a dismembered arm where he notes the tattoo stars in the webs of the fingers on the left hand.  



SUPER #3:  New Galas, Mexico: Late at night, a small boy on the back of a donkey driven by Father travels through the border town in silence.  The only sound heard is that of the donkey clip-clops. Alongside a fence, the boy has fixated on the wounded man slumped on a nearby stone wall, blood dripping from the injured man's chest and arm creating a shimmering pool of blood on the cobblestone street.  


As the man inhales his last breath, the boy calmly watches, seemingly desensitized by this horrific occurrence. At closer view, the man still holding his chest with his left hand, a 1-star/2-star tattoo is evident.


The pilot revolves around Windsor customs agents solving the crime of Super #1.  


Target Audience: Twenties to late sixties


Project Status: Outline and treatment available upon request.

© Copyright 2014-2023 by Linda Daly and Phill Matthews.



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