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Shroud of Evil pitch




Writer:  Linda Daly


Genre:   Suspense / Drama


Logline: A unique, one-of-a-kind ring, purchased for the wife of a Third Reich Vice-Chancellor, is discovered in the hem of a curtain belonging to an invalid senior woman in Phoenix, AZ on  June 6, 1973, following her death.


Pitch:    Emmy Sonneman, a German immigrant, begins her short-lived Hollywood career before the onset of WWII.  Returning to her war-torn country, it is reported that she has a possible partnership with Buster Keating’s production company. From this liaison, she has become a wealthy woman and becomes the second wife of Hermann Goering.


Much in the same vein as Oliver Stones, JFK, this storyline surrounds the controversy surrounding a woman, who some claim was indeed Emmy Goering. Amongst some of the information recently uncovered is an actual Life magazine interview in which Hermann never denied that his wife was a Jew. Could it be possible the rumors surrounding Emmy are real, and that she was actively involved in aiding the escape of famous Jews from Hitler’s regime with the assistance of several other well-known film actors? One, in particular, Errol Flynn, who, as it turns out just happened to be represented by the same attorney, Melvin Belli.


Despite reports that Mrs. Goering, following a year in prison after the war and had reportedly died in Munich, how did the unique, one-of-a-kind ring end up in the hem of a curtain of an invalid senior woman named Emmy in North Central, Phoenix, AZ? Thirty more documented items, including several real-estate properties, rugs, and Peking dog statues were all described as owned by Emmy Goering according to records of attorney - Melvin Belli. Those items as described above were also reported to be found in the same home of the elderly Phoenix woman according to housekeepers.    


Targeted Audience – Mainstream


Project Status - Rough Outline available upon request.

© copyright 2002-2022 by Linda Daly.)

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